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Your company is already off to a running start and you are ready for some serious growth. You're seeking the right web technology partner to propel your business forward. You've come to the right place.

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  • How do we start a project together?

    Contact us directly via the above contact form or book a call with our team for a personalized interview where you will express your challenges.

  • How much does as project cost?

    The minimum budget to start a project is $5,000. This is necessary to carry out quality measurements of your goals.

    Of course, our costs adapt to your needs: it all depends on the project and your objectives! You can consult our services page to give you a first idea of the budget range that will correspond to your project.

  • Which industries do you specialize in?

    We work more with SMBs, large accounts, associations, and startups that have raised their seed as well as series A, B that each operate with a creative, technological, and human approach.

    We are particularly successful in these sectors: finance, banking, real estate, transport, industry, communication, education, and social.

    We like to work in partnership with the most technophile profiles of your company, who are capable of making strategic decisions: such as the CEO, Head of marketing, CMO, CTO, Product Manager, or Product owner

  • Who is your ideal customer?

    An ideal customer is an involved customer who is aware of the partnership he is asking for. Design and tech maturity brings much higher levels of collaboration and allows the project to develop calmly.

    A client with clear objectives will be able to bring more success to the mission. This measures the satisfaction of the project.

  • How are your projects organized?

    We use the Lean Startup method: we do experiments using the design thinking approach, placing the user at the center of your product. Then we offer solutions and innovate. This generally involves the creation of UX / UI models and clickable prototypes. Finally, we measure the impact of each of our proposals through user tests, which allow us to confirm our choices or readjust them if necessary. Once your prototype is produced, we can implement your solution using the most suitable technology.

    The teams are formed as follows: Mission Director, Lead designer, Lead developer, Product designer, Frontend Developer.

    Of course, we adapt our method to each of your projects. Consult our services for more details.